Intensive Swimming Courses

Hot weeks are week long intense swim courses designed for all ages and abilities. They run from Monday to Friday over 40 minutes per session. The sessions include 20 minutes of stroke development and 20 minutes of water skills. Allowing your children to enjoy snorkelling, water polo, water safety and water rafts.

Hot Weeks are priced at £60 and are held at Brixham and Oldway. 2 to 1 and 1 to 1 Hot Weeks are available at £80 and £90 respectively.

Hot Week Programme


Assessing swimmers / Stroke technique

Become familiar with children’s ability and needs.


20 mins swimming

20 mins water safety

Children to come in with PJ’s or clothes for basic survival training


20 mins swimming

15 mins Water polo skills

5 mins finish with a small game with rest of teachers/ children


20 mins swimming

20 mins snorkelling skills

How to breathe under water? Snorkelling techniques.


20 mins swimming

15 mins fun- child’s choice i.e. snorkelling, water polo etc.

5 mins- certificate/ mini gala/ race


Please contact Go Swim to register your interest!